About Bhutan

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About Bhutan

Bhutan is a sanctuary of harmonious evolution in the heart of the Eastern Himalayas. The country’s history dates back to the origin of Buddhism and its deeply spiritual populace is earthy, enterprising, pragmatic and delightfully humorous. They live in harmony with nature and have evolved a unique identity derived largely from a religious and cultural heritage.




Facts and Figures

Capital: Thimphu

Time Zone: GMT +6

Area: 38,392 square kilometer (Size of Switzerland)

Latitude:  26 ° 40″ and 28 ° 20″ north

Longitude: 88° 45″ and 92° 10″ east.

Altitude: between 160metres/528ft and 7541metres/24886ft above sea level

Currency: Ngultrum (1 Nu = 1 Indian Rupee)
Languages: Dzongkha, English and 18 local dialects

Population: 634,982 (2005 Census)

Life expectancy: 63

Major export: Hydroelectricity

Percentage of population involved in agriculture: 70%

Forest Cover: 72.5%

Country dialing code: 975

Energy: Hydro Power

Education: Free

Health coverage: 92%

GDP real growth: 8%


National Sport: Archery

National animal: Takin- Bodorcas Taxi Color

National Flower: Blue Poppy, Meconopis Grains

National Tree: Tsenden, Himalyalca cypress

National Bird: Raven, Coruas Coraxs

National Sanctuaries: 26%


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